Loser? Loser.



Lost Times

Aah! Yet again. Either I’ve developed a fantasy of belated elation or I’ve delved into a deep thick vale of numbness, This naivety is encompassing every of my faculty leaving me deserted or forgotten. At certain times, I believe, you’ve got to stand up for yourself, adhering to your musings, no matter how gibberish they may seem. Times, times, times. Yet the damned cycle goes on!


I don’t really like my college since it’s way too much in my comfort zone (ignore me failing every test). Today Abu Bakar, a geek, was ‘teaching’ chapters on Cardio Vascular System to a bunch of class-mates. I wasn’t even least interested. So I pulled out that philosophy book and read that all time till nashta at Chhama. I have no idea what my life is about or whether it should be about something or not. Duh. After that, I’m at the same place where I’ve been since last seven months with no avail whatsoever. I don’t seem to learn ANYTHING. Aah!

Mindless Murmerings

I don’t know. Its not even explicable. Or may be. Sick. I’m too sick. Yeah. Things nurtured over decades can’t be changed overnight. Wait. It could be. I heard that Einstein said that he would spend 28 minutes out of 30 for defining the problem. Let me google this first. Wait. So the quote on goodreads is slightly different since it states:

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”

Okay, lets think about problem… I’ll hopefully be back with sth soon.

A Useful Post

This post, unlike the last one, is useful, rather extremely useful. The author has found that this post will try to fill up a part of the online content, no matter how small that chunk may be. The real objectivity of the post is actually the time and space it fills up in the space-time of the cosmos. Like for real, this post is written in the very last minutes of 10th Feb. This is extremely remarkable feat in itself. The gadgetry being used is another component that further strengthens the usefulness. The author is yet again out of time and ideas. Till some orgasmic idea strikes his impressionable mind, bye bye.

A Useless Post

This is a useless post because it’s author, who happens to be me, has no frikkin idea about the topic or the details. In fact there happens to be no real topic at all. Wow. Since there’s no pertinent topic, this post would never really converge onto something. Or it might, who knows. I wonder whether the absence of a topic could itself be a topic. Well it is an awesome topic. The number of times the word ‘topic’ has appeared on this post is a clear depiction of the breadth of vocabular knowledge the author possesses. Yeah you caught me right. There’s no word as vocabular, Lol. The post could be more useless but who cares about random useless murmurings of a random useless author. Till he finds a topic worth a post, bye bye.


So here it is. This is going to be my first post. I like reading and writing. Here, on this blog, I’ll be writing about things that I observe, feel and like talking about. So see you soon. Best Asad.